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Accueil - Le Nid des Papillons - Garderie éducative privée et bilingue à Saint-Léonard - Montréal
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Garderie Le Nid des Papillons - for the development and social awakening of your child

Meilleure garderie éducative privée et bilingue à Saint-Léonard, Montréal -


Depending on the age group, the daycare schedule makes room for guided activities and free play whose goal is to promote the motor, intellectual and social development of your child, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


For infants, attention, affection and games aimed at good development will be lavished on them. A routine and schedule will be followed each day.


The daycare aims at the good development of children by considering their needs, their strengths, and their limits, always by valuing the children's capacity and by reinforcing his self-esteem.


In addition, our educators are qualified and experienced holders of a technical diploma in childhood education.

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Nid des Papillons is an educational and bilingual daycare center that is located in St-Leonard, Montréal. We are a private daycare that provides to children from the ages of 0 to 5 a safe and nurturing environment. In addition, our teachers are qualified and experienced technical diploma holders in early childhood education

  • Educational daycare center

  • Bilingual program

  • Healthy and warm meals + 1 breakfast and 2 snacks prepared in the daycare

  • Safe playground

  • Bright modern space

  • Welcomes babies and children up to the age of 5

  • Capacity of 55 children including 5 infants

  • Costs tax deductible and eligible for advance payments

  • Private parking for a safe entrance under camera surveillance

  • We celebrate birthdays in a fun and exceptional mannery

Daily rate: children $40, infants $45

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The daycare Le Nid des Papillons is recognized by the Ministère de la Famille du Québec

Centre de garde d'enfants à Saint-Léonard, Montréal - garderie éducative privée et bilingue
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